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Modern vaccine management

See how 十大跑分平台 can help you visualize important insights and build a modern data-driven vaccine management response。

造訪 COVID-19 Data Center, you can access the latest resources such as datasets and sample workbooks to build your own analysis。

In order to manage vaccine distribution, vaccination and other related matters, government agencies, healthcare and life science organizations need strong visual analysis techniques。It is an urgent and important matter to launch the vaccine deployment plan quickly and efficiently。The 十大跑分平台 platform enables your team to leverage data and find the insights needed to manage future challenges。

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Use of analytical techniques for vaccine management

Join 十大跑分平台's Anthony Young and Graham Stroman for this webinar,They will share various dashboard demonstrations with you,How to track data on vaccine effectiveness, facility readiness, inventory and patient treatment priorities,Enabling public and private organizations to use data analysis techniques effectively to achieve success。

Modern data-backed vaccine management operations

Attend this webinar by industry experts who will share dashboard demonstrations。These prototypes manage every step of the vaccine management, distribution and supply chain processes, such as facility readiness, supply, inventory and distribution, patient treatment prioritization, and analysis of patient adverse events。

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Real world solutions

Indiana COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard: Insights at a glance

The Indiana COVID-19 Vaccine Dashboard provides detailed information on vaccination operations in the state, including first and second doses, distribution by county, and summary demographic details of vacciners。The dashboard was first released on December 29 and has been viewed more than 460,000 times so far。

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Gain the edge you need to use data to lead your team

Start using partner solutions

十大跑分平台 partners offer a variety of dashboard templates that allow you to speed up analysis and solve your toughest problems。In-depth understanding of industry-specific solutions for all aspects of human resources, retail, and credit risk。

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Digital transformation

COVID-19's Impact: 10 Innovations in Health care and life sciences

The pandemic has made data-driven decision-making even more important。Learn how top healthcare and life sciences organizations, public agencies, and others can use visual analytics to reduce the time needed to gain insights, manage critical resources, and improve patient care。

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Operational resources

Use analytical techniques to build the data culture needed for success

COVID-19 has taught us that data-driven organizations are the most resilient。But to foster a "data first" mindset in an organization, planning is necessary。Data Culture Playbook This resource explains how senior management and Data leaders can help everyone in an organization use Data to gain key insights and tackle every business challenge。

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In the use of data to enhance the ability of personnel, only 十大跑分平台 focuses on the development of a powerful extensible platform, to help users see data, insight into data。十大跑分平台 can meet the needs of even the world's largest organizations。

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