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How can a data culture increase business value in a data-driven organization

IDC's research shows that data-leading organizations achieve measurable business outcomes -- from employee engagement to financial gains。

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Once an organization becomes truly data-driven, its data achieves its full value: at this point, the data culture enables everyone, at every level and in every role, to use data to make better decisions every day。Data culture provides data and the necessary context in the right form, at the right time, to make a positive impact and improve business metrics。

In order to produce this white paper1, IDC surveyed 1,100 respondents in executive and management positions from 10 countries to find out how they identify which characteristics affect how data is used in decision-making。This sets them apart as a data-leading organization and helps them define data culture maturity。To determine which trends set data-driven organizations apart from others, we interviewed respondents worldwide representing a number of industries, including financial services, manufacturing, healthcare, government, retail, and more。Download the whitepaper and read an in-depth analysis of how data culture can drive business value in a data-driven organization。

Explore this interactive visualization based on global IDC survey data to discover trends specific to certain countries/regions and industries that are relevant to you。

IDC's research shows that data-leading organizations (those with a strong data culture) experience positive outcomes, including:


  • Enhance the competitive advantage of differentiation
  • It reduces the time to market
  • Increased profits
  • Increased employee satisfaction
  • 等等

In this whitepaper, explore how data culture helps organizations become truly data-driven, what are the characteristics of organizations that maximize the use of data, and what are the common trends among data-leading organizations (organizations that have built strong data cultures)。Read IDC's recommendations to become a data-driven organization by building a strong data culture。

Read the White Paper


1.IDC Whitepaper sponsored by 十大跑分平台, How Data Culture Increases Business Value in Data-Driven Organizations, Document。#US47605621, May 2021。

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