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Hello, welcome to Xinxiang Yijia Textile Co., Ltd.


Mosquitoes tooling

Yijia mosquitoes tooling: selection of quality fabrics, has the function of ward off and tag mosquito can be widely used in households, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, public places, field work, research, army, the elderly, children, students, entertainment and other outdoor activities and rest at night people remove mosquito bites disease. According to the test of authority, the repellent rate of mosquito is over 90%. After 70 household washes, the mosquito repellent effect can still reach 80%. It also has a natural antibacterial and deodorizing effect, which can repel cockroaches, gnat, gadfly, flea, deer fly, sandfly, etc. Yijia insect repellent equipment ecological environment, in accordance with the oeko- Tex 100 standards.