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Hello, welcome to Xinxiang Yijia Textile Co., Ltd.


Fire retardant working suit

Yijia flame retardant overalls are made of high quality flame retardant cloth, whose fabric is made of 100% natural fiber cotton. It has good flame retardant performance, good flame retardant performance after washing, high strength, low formaldehyde content, good color fastness and wear resistance. The made work clothes are comfortable to wear and have good breathability. Features: 1. Excellent flame retardant performance, 100 times washing resistance. 2. Comfortable wearing and soft hands; Good moisture absorption. 3. High strength, good wear resistance and low formaldehyde content. 4. In strict accordance with gb8965-98 standards and European standards EN ISO11611, EN ISO11612 standards. Application: fireproof work clothes are widely used in oil, chemical, gas station, industrial, mining, welder's clothing, repair and other industries to make firefighting clothes, emergency clothing, welder's clothing, second-line firefighting clothing, industrial flame retardant clothing, as well as electric welding and furnace front work clothes.