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Fire-retardant and fireproof fabric of nitrile cotton

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Fire-retardant and fireproof fabric of nitrile cotton

Fire-retardant and fireproof fabric of nitrile cotton

Ingredients: 60% cotton, 40% acrylic fiber

Gram weight: 305GSM

Color: orange red, fluorescent yellow, fluorescent orange red, dark blue.

Anti Arc Rating: ATPV value reaches 8.8cal/cm2, reaching NFPA 70E HRC two level.

Flame retardant grade: can reach national standard GB 8965.1-2009 B grade, European standard EN 11611 and European standard EN 11612 flame retardancy requirements, shade less than 2S, continuous ignition less than 2S, no melting drop, damage carbon length less than 100mm. After 50 water washing, it is still in conformity with the standard. EN 61482-1-2:2007,1 level requirements.