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Hello, welcome to Xinxiang Yijia Textile Co., Ltd.


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The First Functional Protective Products Supplier of Western Countries Military Department.

An Professional High-Tec Protective Fabrics Enterprise in Harmful, Inflammable, Explosive Industries. 

Owning a development center, a protective assistants development team leading by postdoctors. 

Holding Four subsidiary corporations and formed a whole process of development, production, marketing.

Obtaining a leading supplier of development & application on military fabrics in China.

Our strength

The company integrates textile, printing and dyeing, and has more than 80 rapier looms, a dyeing production line and a special functional finishing line.

  • 2008-2011


    Set up two technology companies. One is in production of functional additives of chemicals. And the other is responsible for study of different functional cloth to guarantee quality of the military fabric’s additives and chemical fibers and technical leadingship.

  • 2007


    Acquisition of one printing & dyeing company, enlarging production scale.

  • 2000


    Mr. Meng Guoliang(The President) quited from The General Logistics Department of PLA, and  then set up Xinxiang Yijia Textiles Co., Ltd. 

  • 1993-2000


    The founder, Mr. Meng who ever worked in The General Logistics Department of PLA. Participated the R & D work of oil proof, waterproof, anti radiation, anti mosquito, anti chemical fabric.

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