十大跑分平台 Cookie Policy for 十大跑分平台 Websites


此Cookie策略(“策略”)描述十大跑分平台及其目前十大跑分平台(统称为十大跑分平台,” “we,” “us,”或“目前十大跑分平台的”)通过使用cookie在十大跑分平台网站(“十大跑分平台网站”)上收集和处理有关您的信息. 目前十大跑分平台在本政策中使用“cookies”一词指网站cookies,也指当您访问十大跑分平台网站时可能自动收集信息的类似技术(如像素标签和网络信标)。. 有关目前十大跑分平台的其他资料私隐措施,请参阅表格私隐政策(www.gracias0306.com/privacy).


What is a cookie?


cookie是一个小的文本文件,当你访问一个网站时,网络服务器会把它放在你的电脑或移动设备上. 这个小文本文件可能包含一个唯一的标识符,可以将您的计算机或移动设备与其他设备区分开来. cookie有很多用途,比如让你在网页之间高效地导航, remembering your preferences, and generally improving the user experience. Cookies may tell us, for example, 无论您以前是否访问过十大跑分平台网站,还是您是一个新访问者. They can also help to ensure that content we display, advertisements you see online, and marketing messages are more relevant to you and your interests.


How long do cookies last?


cookie可以在您的计算机或移动设备上保留不同的时间. Some cookies are “session cookies.这些信息只在你打开浏览器时存在,一旦你关闭浏览器就会自动删除. Other cookies are “persistent cookies.在浏览器关闭后,这些cookie会一直保存到指定的过期日期. 当你打开浏览器再次浏览互联网时,网站可以使用它们来识别你的电脑.


What other technologies are used to track my website visits?


目前十大跑分平台和其他人也可能使用其他技术进行跟踪,比如像素标签和网络信标. 网络信标和像素标签是电子图像,可用于十大跑分平台网站或在目前十大跑分平台的电子邮件. We use web beacons, for example, to deliver cookies, to count visits, to understand usage of the 十大跑分平台 Sites and 十大跑分平台’s services, to analyze the effectiveness of 十大跑分平台 Site features and campaigns, and to tell if an email has been opened and acted upon.


What kind of cookies are served through the 十大跑分平台 Sites?



Essential or required cookies:

所需的cookie使您能够导航十大跑分平台站点并使用其功能, such as accessing secure areas of the Sites and using 十大跑分平台 services. 它们还识别您的登录凭证,并提供表单跟踪,因此您不必重新输入信息. 十大跑分平台网站上经常使用的基本或必需cookie包括:

Company Website
十大跑分平台 www.gracias0306.com
Eloqua http://www.eloqua.com/about/privacy/


Targeting or advertising cookies:


目前十大跑分平台和目前十大跑分平台的第三方目前十大跑分平台可能使用在目前十大跑分平台的服务和电子邮件中通过cookie收集的信息,在第三方网站和应用程序上向您展示目前十大跑分平台的服务广告. 目前十大跑分平台也可能使用cookies来了解您在访问这些第三方网站和应用程序后何时返回目前十大跑分平台的服务. 目前十大跑分平台的第三方目前十大跑分平台也可以将这些信息用于第三方广告. 这些第三方可能会自动收集您使用目前十大跑分平台服务的信息, visits to the 十大跑分平台 Sites and other websites, your IP address, your internet service provider, and the browser you use to visit the 十大跑分平台 Sites. 十大跑分平台网站上经常使用的定向或广告cookie包括以下内容:


Company Website Manage settings (opt-out)
Google Adwords http://www.google.com/adwords/?subid=us-en-et-g-aw-cdyn-www!o2 http://adssettings.google.com/authenticated
Google Doubleclick www.google.com/doubleclick http://adssettings.google.com/authenticated
Google Doubleclick Floodlight www.google.com/doubleclick http://adssettings.google.com/authenticated
Facebook http://www.facebook.com/about/ads http://www.google.com/settings/u/0/ads/authenticated
LinkedIn http://www.linkedin.com/ http://www.linkedin.com/psettings/guest-controls/retargeting-opt-out
Twitter http://twitter.com/ http://support.twitter.com/articles/20169453#
Baidu http://usa.baidu.com/privacy/ http://www.baidu.com/duty/safe_control.html
Bing http://www.bing.com/  
Twitter http://twitter.com/ http://support.twitter.com/articles/20169453#
Yahoo Japan http://www.yahoo.co.jp/ http://policies.yahoo.com/xa/en/yahoo/privacy/topics/opt-outfaq/
iPinyou http://twitter.com/ http://support.twitter.com/articles/20169453#
Twitter www.ipinyou.cm http://www.ipinyou.com.cn/privacy?defaultLocale=en
Google Dynamic Remarketing Tag www.google.com http://adssettings.google.com/authenticated
Intimate Merger http://corp.intimatemerger.com/sub/privacypolicy-en/ http://corp.intimatemerger.com/sub/privacypolicy-en/
Adobe Audience Manager http://business.adobe.com/products/audience-manager/adobe-audience-man… http://www.adobe.com/privacy/opt-out.html


Analytics cookies:


We use analytics, including analytics conducted by third party services, to help analyze how users use the 十大跑分平台 Sites and our services. To do this, 目前十大跑分平台和目前十大跑分平台的第三方服务提供商使用cookie和脚本来收集和存储信息,例如用户如何与目前十大跑分平台的服务交互, errors users encounter when using our services, device identifiers, how often and for how long users visit and use the services, what pages they visit on our services, whether they act on or open emails, and what other sites they used prior to coming to the 十大跑分平台 Sites. We use this information to improve our site and your user experience, such as remembering you when you return to the 十大跑分平台 Sites, understanding your preferences and interests, 了解哪些网页被访问,哪些服务最常被使用. The analytics cookies regularly used on the 十大跑分平台 Sites include the following:

Company Website Manage settings (opt-out)
Google Analytics www.google.com/analytics http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout/
Crazy Egg www.crazyegg.com http://www.crazyegg.com/opt-out
ScoreCard Research Beacon http://www.scorecardresearch.com/ http://www.scorecardresearch.com/preferences.aspx?newlanguage=1
New Relic http://docs.newrelic.com/docs/browser/new-relic-browser/page-load-timi… http://newrelic.com/termsandconditions/cookie-policy
Google Tag Manager http://www.google.com/analytics/tag-manager/use-policy/ http://tools.google.com/dlpage/gaoptout/
TechTarget http://www.techtarget.com http://pm.sourcepoint.mgr.consensu.org/?privacy_manager_id=5b5a0f65716…


Social Media Cookies:


社交媒体cookie允许您使用社交媒体证书登录十大跑分平台 Sites.

Facebook Connect http://www.facebook.com/policy/cookies/


Audio/Video Player Cookies:


Audio/video player cookies allow you to log in and access audio/video content.

Brightcove http://www.brightcove.com
Brightcove Player http://support.brightcove.com/brightcove-player-cookies


How to manage or delete cookies on 十大跑分平台 Sites



  • Cookie opt-out links. 通过使用上面提供的链接,您可以管理或选择退出通过十大跑分平台网站提供的许多cookie的某些使用.
  • Industry opt-out sites. 您也可以选择退出十大跑分平台的许多第三方广告目前十大跑分平台为广告目的提供的许多cookie的某些使用,通过访问: http://www.aboutads.info/choices/ or http://www.networkadvertising.org/choices/.
  • Browser settings. Many web browsers accept cookies by default. If you prefer, 您通常可以更改浏览器的设置来拒绝和/或删除许多cookie. On some browsers, you can choose to let the 十大跑分平台 Sites place cookies, 但选择拒绝来自某些第三方(如分析公司和广告公司)的cookie. As the precise means by which you may do this will vary from browser to browser, please visit your browser's help or settings menu for more information. Please note also that if you choose to reject or remove cookies, 这可能会阻止十大跑分平台网站的某些功能或服务正常工作. 因为您的cookie选择退出首选项也存储在您的网站浏览器的cookie中, please also note that if you delete all cookies, use a different browser, or buy a new computer, you will need to renew your opt-out choices.


E-mail tracking


十大跑分平台还可以使用电子邮件跟踪技术来监视其操作的电子邮件活动的成功(例如, recording how many e-mails in a campaign were opened). If you do not want us to track emails we send you, 一些电子邮件服务允许您更改您的显示关闭HTML或禁用图片下载,行使这些权利应该有效地禁用目前十大跑分平台的电子邮件跟踪. 此外,您还可以取消订阅目前十大跑分平台的营销邮件,如这些邮件中所述.

Do Not Track

Some Internet browsers include the ability to transmit “Do Not Track” signals. Since uniform standards for “Do Not Track” signals have not been adopted, the 十大跑分平台 Sites do not currently process or respond to “Do Not Track” signals. To learn more about “Do Not Track”, please visit “All About Do Not Track" (http://www.allaboutdnt.com/). In addition to “Do Not Track”, 浏览器信号和类似机制可以通过多种方式指示您的跟踪选择, and we may not be aware of nor honor every mechanism.


This Policy was last updated on February 22, 2019.

目前十大跑分平台可随时修改本政策,方法是在表图网站上发布修改后的版本,或根据适用法律的要求提供有关更改的通知或获得同意. By continuing to use the 十大跑分平台 Sites, you confirm your continued acceptance of this Policy and any associated changes.

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding this Policy, please email 十大跑分平台 at privacy@gracias0306.com.